Our people and our collective competences

We may be a new firm, but as individuals we have delivered demonstrable value over a long period of our corporate lives

Our leader is a consummate financial management specialist with over twenty years’ cognate experience in financial services industry providing thorough and skillful support to executive management and the board.

Key Competences

  • Serves as an in-house consultant within one of Nigeria’s leading SME-focused banks for over 10 years helping Small and Medium Enterprises across Nigeria to improve their managerial skills and enhance their business fortune.
  • Automated various Financial Management processes to improve efficiency and manage head count cost.
  • Built enterprise performance scorecard for the bank to ensure alignment between corporate performance and individual staff performance.
  • Defined framework to appraise new projects and products as well as benefit realization and modernpropertysolutions productivity.
  • Has been a private Consultant to a MSME company in the laundry services which he co-founded since 2005. This company has survived two major global meltdowns in 2008 and 2016, and employs over 10 staff.
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